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We’re Hal and Melanie Young. We’re not just authors and speakers, but we’re the parents of six sons (in a row!) and two daughters. The experience of raising this van-full has proved two things - you need God’s wisdom to raise a family, and you need help to make it practical!

That’s our goal and message—start with Biblical foundations, then share how to put principles into practice.

The reality is that God gave each family a mix of parents, children, and personalities, in a particular time and circumstance. They’re all unique, so every family’s “practical” may be a little different, and still be totally Biblical. That’s why we focus on principles instead of checklists. Instead of more law, we need more grace!

Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh? […] Therefore the law was our tutor to lead us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith. But after faith has come, we are no longer under a tutor.
—Galatians 3:13, 24-25

And it’s grace that drives us to Jesus Christ, the one who ultimately makes our family what it ought to be. We want to help families find practical ideas, but the risen Savior as well.

You might be a little surprised when you hear us speak. Our presentation style is way more like a conversation than a lecture. We find it attracts couples, not just individuals, which has a bigger impact on families after the event. The give-and-take and role-playing we do helps the audience connect and visualize how these ideas work at home. The goal is go beyond vision to application - to put truth to work in our family relationships.

If that’s what you’re looking for, keep scrolling!

If you’d like to find out a little more about us, you can read our blog at RaisingRealMen.com, listen to our podcast Making Biblical Family Life Practical, or follow us on Facebook.

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We speak on a wide range of topics, including raising boys, marriage, family life, homeschooling, entrepreneurship and more. We don’t mind speaking a lot; we want to give you value for your money and reach as many people as possible. Our company's other authors, such as Hope Auer, and our sons, John Calvin Young and Samuel Adams Young, often travel with us, but please contact us first to make sure if you’d like to schedule any of them to speak. Here are a sampling of our current topics.

Programs & Collections

We also offer a variety of specialty programs and selected sequences of workshops. These can be presented as a dedicated attendee track at a convention, a focused weekend mini-conference or retreat, or even remotely over the internet as broadcast programs. For those who haven't booked us before, we recommend starting with one of our workshop collections listed below and mix-and-matching any additional selections.

Boot Camp 9-12

Our extremely popular webinar series for parents of preteens is available live, too! We typically present the first session on Friday night and the remaining four sessions on Saturday.

Homeschool Conferences

We love to speak at homeschool conferences! We ask that you schedule at least one of our sessions on boys and one of our sessions on middle school age children to keep folks coming to hear us speak happy.

After you’ve scheduled those, we can do a selection of homeschool or parenting topics, as you need to fill out your schedule, or we can do workshops aimed at a particular group, such as beginning homeschoolers, parents of teens, couples, or parents of boys.

Beginning Homeschooler Events

We've done getting started events pre-conference, during-conference, and free-standing from coast to coast. Sessions include Homeschooling from the Beginning, Three Simple Goals for Your First Year, A Field Guide to Curriculum and Philosophies, How to Lay a Good Foundation without Building a Load of Stress, Homeschooling a Houseful, and Answers to What Worries You About Homeschooling

Homeschooling High School

We've graduated six of our own, so this topic is dear to our hearts. We offer Homeschooling High School and Transcripts; Passing the Baton: The Transition to Adulthood; Should You Homeschool Your Own Kids? (aimed at teens); Teaching Finances and Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship 101 (aimed at teens); and (aimed at teens AND parents): Dating, Courtship and All That; Aiming at College: Getting In and Getting Funded; Christ and College: Keeping the Faith; and Playing in the Big Leagues: Academic Success in College.

Struggling and Gifted Learners

We’ve had several kids with dyslexia, dysgraphia, processing difficulties, chronic illness, giftedness and other issues who are now successful adults. We offer What Gifted Kids Really Need, Struggling Learners in High School and College (one or two sessions), Surviving Struggling to Read, Teaching Spelling and Writing to Kids Who Can’t Even, Teaching Boys to Love Reading, Homeschooling in Hard Situations, Bright Kids Who Struggle to Learn.

Biblical Family Life Weekend

This is great for the church or group that needs a little of everything!

Best Friends Marriage Retreat

We love to talk to folks about marriage! We suggest starting off with a kickoff Friday night and teaching during the day on Saturday with sessions like these: How to be Married to Your Best Friend (Without Changing Spouses), Romance for the Exhausted, How to Fight So You Both Win, Making it Work, and practical activities and ideas to build marriages that last!

Raising Real Men Weekend

People are struggling with raising their sons, so this is a great outreach. We offer sessions like Raising Real Men, The Battle for Your Boys (media and sexuality), Boy-Schooling, Teaching Entrepreneurship, Skipping Adolescence, Passing the Baton, Who’s in Charge Here? (about discipline), or Media-Proofing Your Kids.

Support Group Leader Conferences

As support group leaders on the state and local level for over 15 years, we understand the importance of supporting leaders in the challenges they face. Workshops like What About Social Media for Groups, Supporting the New Generation of Homeschoolers, What about MY Family? Finding the Balance Between Helping Homeschoolers and Being One, Getting Homeschoolers Out of Their Houses and Into Your Group, Finding and Developing New Leaders, and others give leaders practical help and real encouragement.

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